3 content marketing wishes for 2015


Courtesy of joyfilleddays.com

Happy New Year!

Here’s three things I wish for content marketers wherever they are … and for you personally.

Firstly, may your campaigns succeed.  There’s no greater buzz than when your communication efforts really take off and the numbers roll in.  That could be media impressions, new customers, comments or clicks.  However you measure success I hope you get to experience that excitement at least one time this year.

Secondly, I hope you have the opportunity to learn at least one new communications skill this year.  The world is moving so fast and the crucial question to always ask is am I moving at the same pace or trailing behind?  This year pick one skill that would help you personally or professionally and set out to learn the basics.  And if are already across the essentials then put into those mythical 10 000 hours they say it takes to master something, and and become an expert.

Most importantly enjoy what you do.  Working in the communications industry is never dull or boring and rarely are any two days the same. We are privileged to work and communicate in fast paced, challenging and changing environments, so relish the chance to experience something new and and meet more of the people who make the world turn.

Happy new year, keep safe and make the most of the coming twelve months for you and your family.





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