4 reasons to outsource content marketing

My friend PPeter Yorkeeter Yorke runs a very successful content marketing agency in Bangalore India.  We recently spoke about when a company should outsource its content management strategy.

Peter has been helping Indian B2B companies – mainly in the tech space – develop and share content with customers and others. He has been doing this nearly five years and says outsourcing carries distinct benefits.

  • Firstly, outsourcing provides flexibility.  It lets companies scale their content creation activity up or down depending on their budget or what’s happening operationally. And  it can provide the surge capacity if serendipity delivers an opportunity too good to miss.
  • Contracting content creation guarantees customer service levels.  You’re paying for a content asset (piece of work) tailored specifically for your audience.  Being a commercial arrangement chances are it will come in on time and within budget.  That makes things more predictable.  Let’s face it staff often face shifting priorities.
  •  An outside agency brings a fresh set of eyes to what you do. They can spot a good case study for online publication or turn up a story to round out a speech even though it’s been sitting under everyone’s noses.

And finally, Peter points out that content marketing is still new so CEOs just may not have the in-house talent to get a content marketing strategy up and running.

What do you think?  If the core of  content marketing is about relationships, shouldn’t it stay firmly in-house?

(This is a re-post from September 2013.)

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