Be a PR leader by asking these 3 questions

(Courtesy: Tech n' Marketing)

(Courtesy: Tech n’ Marketing)

As PR professionals we attend numerous meetings each month.  Probably too many for our liking. They can range from plotting a campaign to discussing tactics with your team, a client or colleagues.

You can establish yourself as a PR leader at these gatherings by posing three simple questions and in the process save at lot of time and trouble:

  • What are the media and social media implications of our issue?
  • Where are the stories?
  • Who’s got the images?

Media implications

At any meeting touching on PR ask those attending two simple questions. ‘How will the media react to our issue’ and ‘can the media tie this topic to something else?’

These inquiries get people thinking about the media implications of the topic on the table, and how to best present it to journalists and through social media channels.
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New PM good for Canberra communicators


Malcolm Turnbull is promising more open communications

Australia’s new Prime Minister is changing how the Government communicates to Australians. In recent days the slogans that plagued us for the past two years are gone and the tone of Ministers is less shrill.  They seem more willing to answer questions and explain policy.

Prime Minister Turnbull has committed his Government to a more open communications style which will be good news for Canberra’s public sector communicators. In recent times they have ‘done it tough’ because the previous Abbott administration centralised information flows, restricted information and closed down dialogue.

Turnbull has been a parliamentary pioneer in social media which probably means agencies will place more focus on digital and social outreach in coming days.
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3 keys to career success

Ever wondered why some communicators are so successful yet others struggle?



What success means

Ever been curious about why one communicator is more successful than others? Or what success looks like in our profession or, more fundamentally, do you have your own definition of career success?

For some, success is the money they earn or the titles they hold. Others see it in the achievements of their campaigns. Because there are so many interpretations it might be easier to ask what distinguishes a successful communicator form their peers. What sets them apart and makes them stand out?

After 25 years working in communications I see three traits that mark out truly successful communicators – energy, knowledge and persistence.
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Nail your next PR interview with case studies

IMG_3688Last week I was on an interview panel looking to hire a mid-level PR manager.  The field of candidates was strong but what really made some applicants stand out was their ability to offer a verbal case study showing their achievements.

While some pointed out the tasks they performed in previous roles, a few were able to paint a compelling picture of past successes.

So what makes a good case study in an interview setting? One that will impress a panel looking to hire?

Well it seems there are five sequential steps in selling your past experience.

  • Firstly pick two or three examples of past work where you have excelled and have them ready when you front the selection board.

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