I’d wear high heels for this boss


Sheppard’s new ‘Eter’ style

I know nothing about women’s shoes but I know a good boss when I spot one.

Recently top Australian shoe maker Peter Sheppard released his winter shoe catalogue.  Sheppard is a fashion icon and it seems someone who knows a lot about employee communications.

In the catalogue Sheppard acknowledges an employee for long and loyal service:

“Congratulations to Wendy Brumby from our Collins Street Melbourne store for achieving 20 years service, and who will be the recipient of a trip around the world for herself and her husband in recognition of this wonderful loyalty.  Wendy is the fourth member of staff to achieve this milestone. We have five other fellow workers knocking on the door to reach this amazing milestone, which for me is probably my most satisfying achievement since I started the business 41 years ago.”

While most of us can’t afford to send staff gallivanting abroad, we can – and should – recognise the achievements of our people.  Nice work Mr Sheppard!




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