the media is not dead – yet

Peter Hilmer says don't write off traditional media just yet.

Peter Himler says don’t write off media yet

“…we must be mindful that great “placement” in and of itself no longer has the capacity to drive a contemporary communications campaign. Stand-alone news stories are simply too ephemeral or lost altogether in the vast ocean of dynamic content. For a story meme to take hold today, it must reside and be amplified across multiple news and social channels even if that means using alternative (e.g. sponsored) means for achieving it.”


You hear a lot about traditional media dying.  Yet there would be few organisations that do not want to be on TV, score front page or hear themselves on radio.  It’s equally rare to have clients demand more Facebook and less conventional coverage.  Many agencies get judged (and sometimes paid) on how much old school media coverage they score for their clients.

So, it was refreshing to hear New York-based PR pro Peter Himler say old school media is still critical for success.  Although he cautions it must be part of a broader engagement program.  Peter claims many PRs are failing to keep up with changes in journalism.  And that means they are not earning the coverage they previously got in less digitally challenging times.  It’s tough getting media coverage, so Peter suggests one way of boosting your chances is to avoid making the 25 mistakes that drive reporters nuts.

...and while we at it …a recent Nielsen Poll shows US consumers are more likely to trust traditional media advertising over other types of advertising. So take a deep breath and hold the funeral notices for traditional media.



 Infograph from Statista Inc.

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