Donald Trump: Master Messenger?

donald trump make america great.pngRight now Donald Trump leads the polls for the Republican nomination for President even though the US Presidential Election is a year or more away and early primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire are off in the distance.

Not only is he leading – and if major US polls are right – doing so by impressive margins.

People who follow US politics and who live elsewhere can only wonder how a candidate like The Donald is a serious contender for the Presidency. Particularity with a campaign performance that so far would sink any mainstream politician.

Trump is bold, brash, full-on and often offside and ventures where other Republican candidates dare not go but soon are tamely forced to follow.
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3 keys to career success

Ever wondered why some communicators are so successful yet others struggle?



What success means

Ever been curious about why one communicator is more successful than others? Or what success looks like in our profession or, more fundamentally, do you have your own definition of career success?

For some, success is the money they earn or the titles they hold. Others see it in the achievements of their campaigns. Because there are so many interpretations it might be easier to ask what distinguishes a successful communicator form their peers. What sets them apart and makes them stand out?

After 25 years working in communications I see three traits that mark out truly successful communicators – energy, knowledge and persistence.
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Nail your next PR interview with case studies

IMG_3688Last week I was on an interview panel looking to hire a mid-level PR manager.  The field of candidates was strong but what really made some applicants stand out was their ability to offer a verbal case study showing their achievements.

While some pointed out the tasks they performed in previous roles, a few were able to paint a compelling picture of past successes.

So what makes a good case study in an interview setting? One that will impress a panel looking to hire?

Well it seems there are five sequential steps in selling your past experience.

  • Firstly pick two or three examples of past work where you have excelled and have them ready when you front the selection board.

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I’d wear high heels for this boss


Sheppard’s new ‘Eter’ style

I know nothing about women’s shoes but I know a good boss when I spot one.

Recently top Australian shoe maker Peter Sheppard released his winter shoe catalogue.  Sheppard is a fashion icon and it seems someone who knows a lot about employee communications.

In the catalogue Sheppard acknowledges an employee for long and loyal service:

“Congratulations to Wendy Brumby from our Collins Street Melbourne store for achieving 20 years service, and who will be the recipient of a trip around the world for herself and her husband in recognition of this wonderful loyalty.  Wendy is the fourth member of staff to achieve this milestone.
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Melbourne judges the world’s best


The IABC’s Gold Quill awards recognise communications excellence and can be the ultimate acknowledgement for a PR, marketing, internal or other communications project.

On Saturday I joined the Blue Ribbon Judging Panel in Melbourne to review entries for the 2015 awards. The Victorian  gathering was one of several judging panels around the world and reviewed  campaigns from Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.  Entries spanned 47 categories and the results will be announced at the IABC World Conference to be held in San Francisco from 14-17 June 2015.

The pic shows some of my hard working fellow panelists in Melbourne.
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The man who invented content marketing – in 1917

Today content marketing is all the buzz but its origins go back to 1917 and a newspaper man named George Creel.George_Creel_view1

America dons khaki

When the the Unites States declared war on Germany in April 1917, the Allied Powers had been fighting since 1914.  America mobilised over 4 000 000 military personnel and the infusion of American manpower and materiel into Europe changed the course of the war.

Close on 2 000 000 Americans served in France and by November 1918 nearly 10 000 soldiers or doughboys were arriving in France every day. By the end of the War America had suffered 110 000 deaths – almost twice as many as the number of Australians who died in that brutal conflict.
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Time to get Government PR working again

Recent issues surrounding Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s leadership come down to one word and two questions. The word is ‘trust’ and the questions are simple. 


After all the unsettling leadership talk can the Australian public trust Mr Abbott and his government to do the right thing by all sections of the community? Can his own backbench team trust him to act in their interests while pursuing a conservative ideology that has alienated many people.

Trust deficit

The public airing of these questions comes as the US-based PR agency Edelman has just released its 2015 Australian Trust Barometer. For the past 15 years Edelman has measured the levels of trust that people around the world have in the institutions that make up the fabric of modern societies – government, business, media and NGOs.
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Trust levels hit new low

For the past 14 years giant PR company, Edelman has surveyed the levels of trust that people around the world have in  government, business, media and NGOs – the institutions that provide the fabric of modern societies.

The 2015 Trust Barometer is alarming, revealing trust has hit lows not seen since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2009. In Australia trust is down for government and business and right now we are seeing the issue of trust play out in the troubles surrounding Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

This 2 minute video summarises global trust levels and what the ‘big end of town’ must do to restore reputation.
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