Work the golden hour

ClockCPR leaders need time to think but it takes terrific self discipline to deliberately isolate your brain, silence your phone and unplug from the digital world.

Shortly I’ll be speaking at a Canberra conference on PR leadership and one  point I’ll be making is leaders are always busy because there is no such thing as a lazy leader.

Work rate

As the team leader you may not be the smartest person in your organisation. You may not be the best qualified.  You may not be the most skillful nor have the strongest influence. But you have one thing you control completely – your work ethic.

So never – ever, ever – let anyone outwork you.

Your work rate is the single thing you can completely control. Only you control the hours and energy you spend on your career, your job or your team. You are the best resource you will ever have so harness and exploit that potential.

Unproductive productivity

Working harder does not mean more face time with the boss or the team, more time in front of a screen or a bigger pile of papers.  Or staying long after others leave. It means concentrating on things that truly make a difference and solving problems with fresh ideas.

So never confuse your to do list with your to don’t list – those mindless pieces of productivity that are easy to fall back on like mundane tasks, unnecessary meetings and redundant reports.  They look important but just as surely they erode your energy.

Golden hour

Leaders often work by the ‘golden hour’.  They devote a solid 60 minutes to addressing those difficult topics likely to yield the most fruitful results. It requires terrific self discipline to deliberately isolate your brain, be unavailable, silence your phone and quit your digital world even for an hour. But it is marvelous how focus brings clarity and what uninterrupted concentration can achieve.

The good PR leader is the professional who stands out by seeking the right challenges and using their golden hours to beat them.






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