Groupthink kills good PR and marketing

It’s very easy to let ‘groupthink’ infiltrate PR planning.

Cass Sunstein is a Professor of Law at Harvard .

Cass Sunstein is a Professor of Law at Harvard

Statements such as I like something therefore other people must like it too (egocentric bias) can derail communications planning even before it gets properly underway. And a communications leader must be ever alert to the dangers of letting his or her team slip into repetitive patterns and not challenging assumptions.

US legal academic and former Obama official Professor Cass R Sunstein of Harvard University writes:

” People tend to ignore the long term; to be unduly afraid of losses; to display unrealistic optimism; to make self serving judgements: and to deal poorly with risks. For these and other reasons, and many others, each of us – as individuals and organisations – can get into a lot of trouble.”

Sunstein’s book Wiser: Getting beyond Groupthink to make Groups Smarter draws together recent social and behavioural research to investigate why and when we make mistakes and what we can do to make better decisions.

It’s a fascinating subject with implications for teams of all sizes. I’m reading the book with interest and I’ll be sharing any thing I pick up could help PR professionals and content marketers.


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