Put Volunteering On Your CV

A Linked-in colleague recently asked me about volunteering.

I am seeking some advice on how to best put down volunteering experience on my resume – I have been in both scenarios before and had volunteered my time around Canberra in various capacities and now, having relocated to Melbourne and pending a suitable job offer, volunteering my time as a fundraiser/marketing officer for (name withheld) something completely out of my previous field but thoroughly challenging and enjoyable. Your advice is appreciated.

…and our thoughts are….it’s   great you’re keeping your PR skills fresh by volunteering.  And  yes, yes…do include those roles on your CV. They are an important part of who you are and how you’ve taken the initiative to use your skills to do something really worthwhile.

And showcase your volunteer roles in the same way you present a regular job. The only difference is after the job title add Volunteer Role.

And when you land the next job interview, don’t forget to tell the interview panel why and how you are extending your skills through PR volunteering.

What do you think? Should your CV list your volunteer efforts?


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