When to use social media?


I have been attending the Conference of the International Association of Volunteer Effort (#IAVE2014).  With 1000 delegates from 40 countries it has been a fascinating gathering.

Communications and marketing have been high on the list of topics, and I went along to a great session on online and new media.  Emma Trapski of Volunteering Gold Coast (VGC) shared thoughts on how social media can work for not for profits.  I was particularly impressed with how she sequences VGC’s social media accounts.

Would this work for you?

(Thanks to Connor McGoverne for compiling this table.)

Platform Frequency Predominant Users
Facebook 2-3 times a day 18-29 year old females, 45+ growing fastest
Twitter 14+ times a day Urban residents aged 18-29
Youtube 1-2 times a month  Everyone
Linked-in 2-3 times a week 35-54 year old males
Pinterest Once a week 35-44 year old females
Google+ Once a day 18-24 year old males
Instagram Once a day 18-35 year olds

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