Who do Australians trust?

Trust-Around-the-WorldTrust is critical in content marketing, or for that matter in any form of communications. The Edelman Trust Barometer is an annual, global survey showing who people trust. 

The 2014 Australian results are interesting.  Compared to last year Australians seem to be more trusting. Specifically our trust in:

  • Not for profits is marginally up.
  • Media is up six points.
  • Business has taken a 10 point leap in trust levels.
  • There is a higher level of trust in government.

Interestingly Australians trust business slightly more than they trust their governments. 

The global survey finds people want CEOs to communicate in a clear and transparent fashion, tell the truth regardless of the situation and regularly engage with their workers. 

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America invented Marketing And IPADs

Ever wondered why the US leads the way in PR, advertising and marketing?

And why it is that Americans pioneered the great communications breakthroughs of the past 100 years?   Radio, TV, the Internet, smart devices, Google, Twitter, Facebook.  The list goes on goes on and on.

One simple but rarely mentioned reason could be that Americans love to chat, and two events this past week illustrate this.

Jay Leno, the all American TV compere, retired last Thursday.   I did not know much about Jay.  His 22 years of TV never crossed the Pacific to Australia. Yet judging by the goodwill surrounding his farewell Jay was successful and popular.
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