Be a PR leader by asking these 3 questions

(Courtesy: Tech n' Marketing)

(Courtesy: Tech n’ Marketing)

As PR professionals we attend numerous meetings each month.  Probably too many for our liking. They can range from plotting a campaign to discussing tactics with your team, a client or colleagues.

You can establish yourself as a PR leader at these gatherings by posing three simple questions and in the process save at lot of time and trouble:

  • What are the media and social media implications of our issue?
  • Where are the stories?
  • Who’s got the images?

Media implications

At any meeting touching on PR ask those attending two simple questions. ‘How will the media react to our issue’ and ‘can the media tie this topic to something else?’

These inquiries get people thinking about the media implications of the topic on the table, and how to best present it to journalists and through social media channels.
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Never PR a Scot

A campaign that simplifies a complex issue, personalizes benefits and uses simple and popular imagery is bound to succeed, right?

On 18 September Scots will vote to decide if Scotland should be independent of the UK.

Those for the status quo argue Scots will be better off if they elect to remain with Great Britain. Last Wednesday Her Majesty’s Treasury published an analysis estimating every Scot will be 1400 pounds better off by staying with the UK.

They followed up with 12 examples of how a Scot could spend that extra money, illustrating each option with Lego figures in cartoon-like situations.
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Do media want my picture?


Provide media with newsworthy images

Recently the Central Connecticut Valley Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America hosted a luncheon with top media executives who shared ideas on the shifting role of imagery in media.

For starters they all agreed social media has drastically altered how journalists operate. Outlets are under continual pressure to get out the news first and fast. Which means accuracy of information often suffers. We know Twitter can break news at lightning speed but spare a thought for the editors and producers who need to monitor and react to tweets and simultaneously check their accuracy in a breaking news story.

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Infographs: Distraction Or Valuable PR Tool?

A previous post talked about infographs as a compelling format for presenting detailed information. bobcraw_infographic_4

Here is one I was recently involved in.  It condenses a complex industry concept into a simple, one-stop image – at a very reasonable cost.

Will the infograph become a standard PR tool like the media release or will it soon disappear replaced by the next, best toy for communicators?

Are infographs merely pretty distractions?  What do you think?

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