Can a PR leader ask for feedback without losing authority

Leaders need to be detached. Which means getting off the dance floor and going to the balcony.

There is a strong correlation between asking for feedback and the overall effectiveness of leaders. But  can you ask for feedback without risking your authority?

Sensitive to criticism?

At times I admit to having being sensitive when people  critiqued my PR efforts. You may have experienced something similar.  Invariably we try our best so when we do fall short, it can be uncomfortable when someone highlights our failures. Yet when people offer feedback it’s a terrific opportunity to improve performance.

PR managers may have substantial authority but they are only human.
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Be a PR leader by asking these 3 questions

(Courtesy: Tech n' Marketing)

(Courtesy: Tech n’ Marketing)

As PR professionals we attend numerous meetings each month.  Probably too many for our liking. They can range from plotting a campaign to discussing tactics with your team, a client or colleagues.

You can establish yourself as a PR leader at these gatherings by posing three simple questions and in the process save at lot of time and trouble:

  • What are the media and social media implications of our issue?
  • Where are the stories?
  • Who’s got the images?

Media implications

At any meeting touching on PR ask those attending two simple questions. ‘How will the media react to our issue’ and ‘can the media tie this topic to something else?’

These inquiries get people thinking about the media implications of the topic on the table, and how to best present it to journalists and through social media channels.
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I’d wear high heels for this boss


Sheppard’s new ‘Eter’ style

I know nothing about women’s shoes but I know a good boss when I spot one.

Recently top Australian shoe maker Peter Sheppard released his winter shoe catalogue.  Sheppard is a fashion icon and it seems someone who knows a lot about employee communications.

In the catalogue Sheppard acknowledges an employee for long and loyal service:

“Congratulations to Wendy Brumby from our Collins Street Melbourne store for achieving 20 years service, and who will be the recipient of a trip around the world for herself and her husband in recognition of this wonderful loyalty.  Wendy is the fourth member of staff to achieve this milestone.
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PS bosses must be comms fans

'Three per cent of Canberra's workforce could be in firing line with public service job cuts' - www_smh_com_au_nationIt’s hard times ahead for Federal Government communicators working in internal communications. Last week’s budget eliminated agencies, slashed projects and left a lot of people inside and outside Canberra feeling jittery.

Working in internal communications (IC) has always been tough.  I think it’s the hardest role of all the communications disciplines.  IC teams are generally small and rarely see the money or glamour of the big budget public campaigns.

Funds are forever tight and agency staff are savvy, can spot the bull and know more about the business than a communicator ever will. They instantly judge communications against what’s happened before, who’s providing the information and the reputation of the boss.
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