How PR leaders can delegate more effectively

3Delegation builds better workplaces. Don’t believe me? Walk into a place where there’s frustrated staff, an uncertain atmosphere and low productivity and most likely you’ll find a boss making every decision, having all the ideas and insisting people work within strict limits.

Delegating is crucial for government, agency and not for profit PR leaders whether they manage small teams or large outfits.

Why delegate?

PR teams routinely juggle competing deadlines and multiple projects. That’s true for other disciplines but uncertainty and crisis are never far away from the PR professional. Plus there’s always a campaign in play, about to start or wrapping up.
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What’s your PR personality?

I have been incredibly lucky to work on small PR campaigns which have been adaptive, creative and passionate and ultimately successful.  There must be larger organisations with these qualities but surveying the current state of Government and corporate Australia, give me the small outfits every time.

What type of PR campaign would you prefer to work on? For me, smaller PR campaigns especially those involving not for profits and community groups are always attractive.Picture1

I guess it is counter intuitive to be in business and aim for small rather than grand communications campaigns. After all isn’t business about making as much money as possible?
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