Trust levels hit new low

For the past 14 years giant PR company, Edelman has surveyed the levels of trust that people around the world have in  government, business, media and NGOs – the institutions that provide the fabric of modern societies.

The 2015 Trust Barometer is alarming, revealing trust has hit lows not seen since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2009. In Australia trust is down for government and business and right now we are seeing the issue of trust play out in the troubles surrounding Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

This 2 minute video summarises global trust levels and what the ‘big end of town’ must do to restore reputation.
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PS bosses must be comms fans

'Three per cent of Canberra's workforce could be in firing line with public service job cuts' - www_smh_com_au_nationIt’s hard times ahead for Federal Government communicators working in internal communications. Last week’s budget eliminated agencies, slashed projects and left a lot of people inside and outside Canberra feeling jittery.

Working in internal communications (IC) has always been tough.  I think it’s the hardest role of all the communications disciplines.  IC teams are generally small and rarely see the money or glamour of the big budget public campaigns.

Funds are forever tight and agency staff are savvy, can spot the bull and know more about the business than a communicator ever will. They instantly judge communications against what’s happened before, who’s providing the information and the reputation of the boss.
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Who do Australians trust?

Trust-Around-the-WorldTrust is critical in content marketing, or for that matter in any form of communications. The Edelman Trust Barometer is an annual, global survey showing who people trust. 

The 2014 Australian results are interesting.  Compared to last year Australians seem to be more trusting. Specifically our trust in:

  • Not for profits is marginally up.
  • Media is up six points.
  • Business has taken a 10 point leap in trust levels.
  • There is a higher level of trust in government.

Interestingly Australians trust business slightly more than they trust their governments. 

The global survey finds people want CEOs to communicate in a clear and transparent fashion, tell the truth regardless of the situation and regularly engage with their workers. 

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