Never PR a Scot

A campaign that simplifies a complex issue, personalizes benefits and uses simple and popular imagery is bound to succeed, right?

On 18 September Scots will vote to decide if Scotland should be independent of the UK.

Those for the status quo argue Scots will be better off if they elect to remain with Great Britain. Last Wednesday Her Majesty’s Treasury published an analysis estimating every Scot will be 1400 pounds better off by staying with the UK.

They followed up with 12 examples of how a Scot could spend that extra money, illustrating each option with Lego figures in cartoon-like situations.
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World Leaders embrace Twitter

The latest report of the Digital Policy Council shows 123 out 164 countries and three out of four heads of state have now embraced Twitter.

In the last 12 months US President Barack Obama was the biggest mover in the Twittersphere.  He occupies # 1 spot gaining 16 million followers this past year.  The number of people who now follow him exceeds 40 million.

Since the 2008 Presidential Election, Obama has always been comfortable with social media.  However a noticeable upturn in his numbers occurred when the US Government shut down in September last year.  Obama joined other politicians and citizens to tweet his frustrations about the situation.

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